The Vision of Ocean of Grace is to build the members of the Body of Christ, the Church (to fulfill their divine destiny) through the accurate teaching of the Word of God qualitatively and quantitatively with assured inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 


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  • Revolutionary Word

    Revolutionary Word

    Revolutionary Word is the premium delivery of the Word of God
    by the Holy Spirit at Ocean of Grace International Kingdom 
    Center. The quality of the Word of God presented cuts across 
    Genesis to Revelation compressing all of the nutrients of grace
    and it is transmitted to the soul and spirit of man under an 
    atmosphere of power and love. 

  • The Revival Apostolic Center

    The Revival Apostolic Center

    The Revival Apostolic Center (TRAC) is the commission of the Word of
    God that brings back the full power and grace of Pentecost, making it
    available and accessible to the Church, the Body of Christ in all our 
    services at Ocean of Grace. 

  • Audio Visual House (AVH)

    Audio Visual House (AVH)

    Audio Visual House (AVH) is an independent multimedia 
    educational and entertainment organization that provides 
    audio and visual data resources to Ocean of Grace. 
    AVH is open for external collaborations 

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