The time is 11:45 pm, just some few minutes to the midnight of the world. As the world goes to bed to take rest, God is set to do His best. While men slept, continental wars are been fought in the celestial heights by demons and angels – The Clash of the Titans. The world in sleep slips further into deeper darkness. The society is enmeshed and submerged into full-scale evil. In the midst of this chaos and turmoil, God steps into His armory and pulls out His finest and choicest men – The World’s Greatest.

Men trained in the back side of the desert, like Moses. Men who grew out of dry ground. Men not trained in Harvard Law School or Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but men trained in the ‘University of Hard Knocks’ were character is formed and tempered into perfections of steel. The world wakes up to a new dawn of global revival and socio-economic transformation spear-headed by God’s chosen vessels. The Lords chosen vessels are not men brewed from the factories of pleasures of sin and sensuality but are men forged in the fires of affliction and persecution. A new breed of Christians who will resist the worlds’ lure into moral perversion, compromises in the spheres of government and leadership. God
seeks a new breed of Christians who will emulate the example of Christ both in principle and in practice. God calls us to fight the menace of poverty, sickness and disease and other social ills by being creative, active and pro-active in human-targeted researches. We are called to bring the world back to the ways of God, to restore a society where law and order, equity and justice, run parallel on the same line with peace and prosperity. The time is now 11:59 pm, exactly one minute left! Will you be among those who will do the whole counsel of God and bring about global transformation? Those who will make righteousness a lifelong pursuit are truly the worlds’ greatest.


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